Blue Film Production In Nigeria – What You Need to Know

The Nigerian blue film industry is growing to be a very successful and well-liked sector. Nigerians, especially adults, have started to demand the portrayal of sensuous content. Even young children who have access to technical devices like phones, computers, and the Internet have grown addicted and dependent on this type of entertainment.

Movies with sexually explicit content are referred to as “blue movies,” “erotic movies,” or “18+ movies” in order to titillate and satisfy the audience, blue movies feature sexual behavior and frequently have erotic elements. Blue movies are produced and distributed on a variety of media, including cable TV, home video, DVDs, conventional film stock, and the Internet, depending on the market and the technology available.

They have been shown in adult theaters, and on specialist channels via pay-per-view on cable and satellite for years prior to the turn of the 21st century. They were also available for purchase or rental on DVD. But blue movies can now almost be watched for free online thanks to the digital age.

Whilst there are websites that maintain a paywall, the bulk of blue films’ websites internationally are free for users to access, stream, and download the uploaded videos, despite the fact that the activity is frowned upon by local culture. Blue films are immensely profitable and popular in Nigeria. The term “Nude Nollywood” refers to the traditional Nigerian film business and is used to characterize the blue movie.

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Can A Blue Film Industry/Company Thrive In Nigeria?

According to reports, the bulk of Nigerian blue film performers and actresses are ex-sex workers or trafficking victims who were deported from nations in Europe and North America. Yet, there has been a rise in recent years in the number of young unemployed men and women who actively join the profession and participate in being publicly videotaped in adult movies in order to obtain some compensation.

A lot of the 18+ movie actors and actresses in Nigeria disguise their faces using masks to protect their identities, aside from the practitioners who have just achieved prominence. In the footage, their faces are blurred when they are not wearing masks thanks to editing software.

Nigeria is second only to South Africa among African nations in terms of the percentage of people who watch blue movies online, according to research. Many people in Nigeria are said to view blue films privately despite the fact that they are normally not permitted to be broadcast on free-to-air television or in the mainstream media by law. This is true even though people do not watch them in public.

According to Reginald Johnson of the Washington’s View, military officers, foreign workers, politicians, businessmen, and oil workers are the funders and promoters of the Nigerian blue film industry. With their help, the industry is expanding rapidly by the day as Nigerians participate in what is now known as “Nude Nollywood”. However, with all the monetary support given to the industry, online articles either discuss its effects on youngsters or discuss efforts by the government to outlaw it. All of this means that the sector in Nigeria will likely continue to operate underground despite its recent tremendous expansion.

Who Is The Highest Paid Blue Film Actor In Nigeria?

Maami Igbagbo, a blue film star from Nigeria, is said to be the highest paid person in the adult video industry. Her real name is Ajibola Elizabeth. According to rumors, life was extremely difficult for Maami Igbagbo before she entered the adult film industry because she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Maami Igbagbo, who was born in the Nigerian state of Ekiti, lost her mother in 2016, yet her father neglected to provide for her and her siblings.

She started working as a hospital auxiliary nurse, but the pay wasn’t enough to meet the needs of her siblings. In her search for a profession that would relieve her of this burden, she met kingtblac, an actor and director in blue films, who introduced her to the blue movie industry.

Maami Igbagbo left Kingtblac after a few years of employment and launched her own blue movie productions. Through this company, she was able to hire young actresses and make millions of dollars. Maami Igbagbo reportedly has a $3000 estimated net worth and currently leads a lavish lifestyle. She provides her videos for paid download (n1,000,000).


A nationwide open secret, the blue film business has grown. Nigeria’s adult film industry is expanding on an hourly basis, and it is gaining enormous global popularity. This is largely as a result of people’s increasing awareness of how much internet use has turned the world into a little global village.

While some blame the invasion of morally bankrupt western cultures and ideals, some see hunger and unemployment as important factors in the industry’s explosive expansion.

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