Does Lasu Accept Second Choice? [Explained]

Lagos State University (LASU) is a well-known institution of higher learning in Nigeria renowned for its top-notch academic programs, research activities, and cutting-edge facilities. Thousands of people apply to LASU each year, and one of the most often asked questions by would-be students is if the school will admit students who weren’t their first choice.

The truth is that every aspiring candidate for the esteemed Lagos State University (LASU) should ask themselves this crucial question.

The rationale is that you are already risking your chances of getting into that school if you apply to a school in Nigeria that does not accept second-choice applicants for admission.


No, LASU does not accept second choice in JAMB. Those who select the Lagos State University (LASU) as their second-choice institution in the JAMB application process are not admitted. This suggests that if you choose LASU as a second-choice university when registering for the JAMB UTME, your application for admission to LASU will not be considered.


At the Lagos State University, second-choice applicants are typically not accepted for admission. The institution normally gives preference to only those candidates who apply for the UTME with LASU as their top choice.


The Lagos State university is an institution of great competition and prestige and as a result, they would not consider any applicant who placed them in their second-choice school on the JAMB application. You won’t be considered until you rank LASU as your first choice, showing why your admission into the university is of utmost priority to you than other institutions.

Also, in order to manage the high volume of admissions applications Lagos State University (LASU) receives each year, LASU often does not admit second-choice applicants for admission. Being one of Nigeria’s most sought-after universities, the number of applicants for admission to LASU considerably outnumbers the number of openings.

Therefore, LASU often concentrates on applicants who have chosen the school as their first option during the UTME registration in order to ensure that the admissions process is effective, efficient and manageable. In doing so, the institution is better able to choose the most qualified applicants from a smaller pool of applicants and streamline the admissions process.

Furthermore, the obligation to uphold high academic standards, and its dedication to accepting the most eligible applicants who meet its admission requirements may have an impact on the University’s admissions policy and accreditation status. Not only does LASU not admit applicants who were chosen as their second option in JAMB, but other universities do the same.

This technique is still rampant amongst the majority of renowned and prestigious universities. Many people think that they do this to ensure that each year only the best applicants get admitted into these institutions.

Althogh, many universities and institutions in Nigeria turn away applicants who choose them as their second choice for the sake of making themselves seem more distinguished to the general public. If the university doesn’t accept second-choice applicants, everyone will think it has very high admissions standard and is better than other universities in Nigeria.

However, many of these universities also assume that applicants who do not choose them as their first choice during JAMB registration are unprepared for admission.

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Yes, individuals who are non-indigenes may be admitted to any of Lagos State University’s (LASU’s) undergraduate programs. Since LASU is a public institution, applicants from wherever in Nigeria and beyond the country are welcome to apply. The minimal UTME score and the university’s cut-off mark, as well as any other requirements unique to the course they seek to enroll in, may be necessary for non-indigenous candidates to meet in order to be admitted.

You should also be aware that LASU charges non-indigenous students a higher tuition rate than it does for indigenous students. For this reason, non-indigenous applicants who are awarded admission to LASU might have to pay a greater tuition than their native-born colleagues.


Yes, Lagos State University (LASU) accepts candidates who choose the institution as their first choice during the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) registration. LASU usually gives more consideration to candidates who choose the institution as their first choice during the UTME registration process.

To be qualified for admission into LASU, interested aspirants must be able to meet the university’s admission requirements, which include getting the minimum UTME score and meeting the cut-off mark for their selected course of study. In addition to meeting these general requirements, some courses which may have a particular needed subject combination must be met by the candidates

Consequently, it is advised that students who would want to apply for admission to the university must carefully study and comprehend the admission standards and make sure they meet all criteria before applying for admission.

In conclusion, it should be noted that LASU, Lagos State University, typically does not admit second-choice applicants to its undergraduate programs. When candidates register for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), the university normally gives preference to those who choose LASU as their top choice.

Also, this means that LASU would not admit you if you choose them as your second choice for admission, regardless of how high your JAMB score appears to be. To be accepted or given admission consideration, you must make LASU your top option. Therefore, if you have already made the institution your second choice, you must apply for a JAMB change of institution form.

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