Is Sailors Lounge The Best Restaurant Lounge Bar In Lekki Lagos? [Here’s Why]

The concept of a lounge has been around for a while. In actuality, people have been relaxing in spaces created especially for this purpose since the dawn of humanity. Yet, in an effort to draw a more muted population that might want to unwind and have just a little drink or a snack, large cities have more recently added specific lounge spaces to their bars, hotels, and restaurants. We refer to this space as the lounge area. The after-work population frequently frequents lounges in search of a quieter setting without the requirement of dancing.

Every lounge might have a variety of different styles, but they all have a classy, opulent, and cozy vibe about them. As a result of its often-sluggish speed and soothing melodies and harmonies, lounge music has a reputation for being extremely laid back. In fact, some claim that the specific musical style known as “lounge” or “chill out” originated on the Spanish Balearic Islands before becoming popular in Ibiza in the 1980s.

Sailors lounge is a completely furnished, unhurried, and adventurous lounge with a sea view that complements the ambiance for relaxation, business networking, and a water view. In order to provide the best possible enjoyment, the Sailors lounge was designed precisely to replicate the sensation of floating above the ocean. The top lounge in Lagos, Nigeria is Sailor’s Lounge, which has a talented staff managed by a seasoned general manager and a celebrity chef.


A visit to Lekki Sailors Club, a fashion lounge with live music, is recommended if you’re there. Great surroundings, excellent live music, affordable prices, but honestly, it’s too crowded at this time of year.

The doorman wouldn’t let my husband in wearing shorts, so we had a problem there.

On a different day, we were able to enter while wearing long pants, but we noticed that other men were wearing shorts there. Strange rule, then. Was it exclusively for specific clients?

  • Fantastic Outdoors by the Ocean!

The music was a little too loud, but my wife and I still had a nice time when we went for supper here. This is where you should go if you want to eat fish. As my wife had Croaker fish and chips, I had catfish and yams cooked over charcoal. I had the best and biggest lunch in a long time! Great view as well, but avoid taking a seat next to the boat that is docked near the pier since you will not have a nice view.

  • Great spot

Excellent location. I’ve been here more than a dozen times and have never been let down. quite expensive, especially if you sit by the water, but it’s a great investment.

  • Exquisite

I always want to visit Sailor’s Lounge again. At any time, the meal is always great. The live band’s gorgeous music is what really gets to me. I love.

  • A chill location

Advantage 1: Calm and pleasant environment

  1. Near the river 3. Music that isn’t too loud so you can converse
  2. A superbly peppered gizzard
  3. Professionals who pay attention and grin


  1. Limited selection of beers and ciders
  2. There are no alternatives for adjusting how spicy or hot the food is (i.e. Mild, Medium, “Call the fire brigade”)
  • Gorgeous view

Among the top locations for a romantic evening with your lady. The scene is lovely. Great cuisine is served. The cost is quite affordable. Good but very slow service. The floor manager has to be given a good kicking. Put an end to your flirtation and go to work. And get rid of the intrusive security and bouncers. I detest it when bouncers ask for tips when I enter a venue.

  • Amazing View

During my brief stay in Lagos, I chose to have supper at Sailors Lounge since the personnel was friendly and accommodating, the service was prompt, the cost was affordable, and the ocean view was amazing.

  • Nice to unwind

Great location by the sea with decent beverages and cuisine, albeit the music is a little too aggressive and the DJ should play more lounge music instead of hardcore disco sounds.

  • Great Hangout

One of the best bars in the Lekki axis to hang out at. offers a smaller selection of Nigerian dishes compared to its modern fare. has a grill attached as well, but no Nigerian suya (Skewered roasted beef).

  • Terrible bouncer

The bouncer at the entrance did not recognize the family with a child and behaved aggressively when he was asked how to get to the outside seating area, giving a bad first impression of the supposedly popular establishment. He had bloodshot eyes.

  • Consider ordering Jollof rice and peppered snails.

I fell in love with their Jollof rice and peppered snails after eating them. Every time, they know how to do it correctly. I also appreciate their service because they have made an effort to provide quality service consistently.


    Exceptional Restaurant and Lounge…

In the Lagos Lagoon, a lovely spot for relaxation. Nice ambience and good gourmet…. To the discriminating diner, we recommend.

  • Decent for food and drinks.

Well recommended for evening drinks, this bar/restaurant is very laid back and is close to the lagoon. While visiting Lagos, I brought some friends here for food and beverages. Enjoying the breeze over the lake while sitting outside. What I ordered wasn’t anything special, and the service was

  • A lovely experience

The encounter was fantastic. The waterfront location is lovely. You get to see the water from a very good and clear location (no pun intended). The refreshing natural breeze is unmatched. a chilled beverage, the stunning waitresses. The music fits the mood as well. Fantastic time!

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Since its establishment, Sailor’s Lounge, which takes pride in being the first bar in Nigeria to be built on water, has dominated Lagos’s nightlife. Three distinct areas make up this fully equipped, unhurried, and adventurous lounge: the Sailor’s Bar, the Captain’s Cabin, and the Captain’s Deck. The lounge has provided customers with reliable service for more than five years and provides a relaxing environment for relaxation and professional networking.

Over the years, Sailors Lounge has unquestionably been the top choice for people—both foreigners and residents of the country—looking for lounges or restaurants in Lekki, Lagos to celebrate their birthdays, team outings, family reunions, anniversaries, or simply to have a good time. The following are some reasons why Sailors is one of the top bars in Lagos out of all the bars, lounges, and restaurants there are.


Every Sunday, the live band performs while Lekki Phase 1 is closed off by Sailors Lounge. They fight for seats and even often arrive early to avoid taking up undesirable spaces. The customer service is often top-notch, and the music and sound quality are fantastic.


This is by far the most opulent seafood platter ever, especially given its cost, which also makes it incredibly reasonable. It includes calamari, croaker fish, lobster, crab, prawns, muscles, fried rice, and Jollof rice which can keep you drooling for more.


It goes without saying that in order to be the greatest, you must also offer the best customer service in Lagos. Since it opened more over seven years ago, Sailors Lounge has distinguished itself in this regard. From the numerous polite waiters to the prompt and efficient service, their service is unmatched particularly in comparison to other restaurants in Lagos, Victoria Island, and Lekki altogether.


If you’ve been to Sailors, this may be the main factor in your affection for the location. A stunning sunset may be seen at Sailors. The rusty Sailors concept and theme of the establishment is unique because, when you enter, it gives you the impression that you are on an actual ship.

The wooden building concept is unequaled in Nigeria and still inspires astonishment in old clients, the splashing of the water against the rocky wall creates the impression that you are near the sea and even the hardwood deck with a water feature makes you want to spend even more.


This is unquestionably the finest cocktail ever prepared and will surpass any concoction made elsewhere. It has a robust flavor that is also slightly sweet. 


Every Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m., experienced comic Omobaba (The most gorgeous Nigerian comedian) hosts the funniest comedy club in the country. Corporate employees go there to unwind from the stresses of the week and literally untie their ties to laugh at the various jokes that are being told. The weekly program has featured performers such as Alibaba, Gbenga Adeyinka, Tea A, Julius Agwu, and a number of others.

The Sailors lounge redefines fun in Lagos. Created with three things in mind; Sailing, Dining and Entertainment, the sailors lounge is one of Lekki’s gems tucked along the coastline of the Five Crowies Creek.

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