Facts about the Awori People

The Awori people are an ethnic group in Nigeria, mainly found in the southwestern part of the country, particularly in Lagos State. Here are some facts about the Awori people: History: The Awori people are believed to have migrated from Ile-Ife, the ancestral home of the Yoruba people. They settled in different areas of present-day … Read more

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The “Egun” People

The Ogu (erroneously called “Egun”) tribe is one of the very important, modest and minority tribes in the South Western part Of Nigeria. Their culture is very close to that of the Yoruba people but they also have their own unique customs, norms, traditions and features. The language is quite different and really weird, funny … Read more

10 Popular Lagos Nightclubs

Lagos is not just the commercial capital of Nigeria. It is also famed for its amazing nightlife as the city comes alive in the dark. As the entertainment destination for Nigerians; nightclubs, hangouts, lounges, and bars try to keep up with the demands of ‘night crawlers’ who seek the best places to spend their night. … Read more